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Alex de la Iglesia

#1 Post by dx23 » Wed May 09, 2007 1:53 pm

Alex de la Iglesia (1965 - ) Spain


Think About Disney (2008) (in production)

The Oxford Murders (2007) (post-production)

Películas para no dormir: La habitación del niño (2006) (TV)

***El Codigo (short film, 2006)

Crimen ferpecto (2004)

800 balas (2002)

***Enigma en el Bosquecillo (short film, 2000)

Comunidad, La (2000)

Muertos de risa (1999)

Perdita Durango (1997)

Día de la bestia, El (1995)

**Marbella antivicio (1994) (VG)

Acción mutante (1993)

*Mirindas Asesinas (Short Film, 1991)

*Mirindas Asesinas was released as an extra on the R1 & R2 DVD of La Comunidad
** There is no info on this video game other that what is stated at the IMDB
*** The 2 short films can be seen at De la Iglesia's official site.


Alex de la Iglesia on DVD


Payasos en la Lavadora (1997)


Official Site



Purchase De la Iglesia DVDs using the links at the bottom of the page. This way, users can contribute financially to the forum.

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Re: Alex de la Iglesia

#2 Post by rohmerin » Wed Mar 30, 2011 2:32 am

To have Tarantino in a Festival as president is a risk. A big one ! After the fahrenheit affair at Cannes, He gave two important Awards in the last Venice festival to Mr of the Church: best director and best script. The biggest prize was for his ex - girl Sophia.

I can not understand the recognition, only in the case that Tarantino's guilty pleasure addiction for the craappy B and gore films with bad acting and stupid script has spread out like a bomb into his filmgoer brain and now he consider de la Iglesia his heir.

Here we've got even the cliché blonde woman screaming. Sh'e Norwegian (Carolina Bang) and she the director's girlfriend, so, the former fat Alex has lost like 50 kg and now is happily in love with this horrible actress with a very attractive body. He is so happy that want us, Spaniards, to know that he enjoys a blonde, and we, uglies and tackies, don't.

His tastes for the ugliness here is unbearable. After good films, always his dark comedies, he tries another time to teach us our past History. He did (not well) in Muertos de risa. This Balada triste de payaso shares the entertainment enviroment (a circus) full of Spanish ugly faces (he uses known supporting actors and actresses and like Goya, the painter, tries to offer a dark vision of the destroys of war (and love). But he is UNABLE to write a good love story. The 2 protagonist, 2 clowns don¡t exist, the girl is even worst written.

The only possitive achievment I see is the excellent, claustrofobico, production design.

If Tarantino used Hitler in the Basterds, He brings Franco and that awful period as co-protagonist.

Very bad film. Even worse than 800 bullets (and that was bad). Please, leave Santiago Segura at home. He is a freak, he's a star, he's a box office champion, but he doesn't know to act, and stop putting your friends in cameos and 3rd roles, because no, it's not funny, it's pathetic.

De la Iglesia is filming in Madrid his new film with Salma Hayek, a tv comidian star, and Santiago Segura.

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Re: Alex de la Iglesia

#3 Post by rohmerin » Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:12 am

His new film with Salma Hayek opens this month. Interview in English

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Re: Alex de la Iglesia

#4 Post by rohmerin » Thu Jan 26, 2012 7:26 am

His greatest hit has been a moving commercial that has shock us (me) this Xmas.

But you have to be Spaniard to understand all this people, I mean, all are comedians from all life (tv, varietés...) it's about the crisis and optimism made by sandwich bread company.

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