The Marx Brothers

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Re: The Marx Brothers

#101 Post by movielocke » Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:03 pm

Drucker wrote:Just out of curiosity-how is the audio? Fear of scrubbed/noiseless audio and the wrong aspect ratio for the films that should be 1.19 are why I haven't picked these up yet, but it sounds like the set is otherwise great.
i think I only noticed strange audio once, on one song, in either animal crackers or duck soup, I assumed it was a recording abnormality rather than new post processing.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but 1.19 was from audio printed on the side of the film, iirc, I presume the films shot with a full gate and I think the commentary said cocoanuts was released both with discs and with sound on film prints, which would suggest the full gate negative wasn't conformed with a soundtrack for release printing. If they scanned an MOS negative that wasn't 1.19 but was natively 1.33 then it was probably just an oversight or deliberate decision to not present 1.19.
If they scanned a release print and cropped it to create 1.37, that's clearly a big lamentable mistake.

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