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Re: Central Motion Picture Corporation

#201 Post by The Fanciful Norwegian » Fri Sep 24, 2021 12:14 pm

willoneill wrote:
Fri Sep 24, 2021 8:11 am
I assume this is related to the above development, but last week, all of a sudden, a whole bunch of CPMC films showed up on Canadian iTunes for really low purchase prices ($3.99 and $4.99). I bought A Time to Live A Time to Die, The Terrorizers, and Dust in the Wind; I know there were several more.
Are you sure those are new? The CMPC has been renting and selling their titles on international iTunes storefronts for awhile now; there's some talk about it on page 7. It does look like that the prices have come down recently, based on the cached versions that Google has. It's actually cheaper to buy most of them now than it is to rent them!

For the sake of completeness or as near to it as I can get, these are the CMPC titles I've found on iTunes in North America; replace the "us" in the URL with "ca" to access them through the Canadian store. It looks like these might also be available through other international storefronts, like Australia (replace with "au"), New Zealand ("nz"), or the UK ("gb"), but I haven't checked all of those. They might well be available everywhere with certain exceptions based on local distribution.

Banana Paradise
Be My Lovely Child Again
The Cabbie
The Coldest Winter in Peking
Comes the Black Dog
A Drifting Life
Dust in the Wind
Eight Hundred Heroes
The Everlasting Glory
Fleeing by Night
Fly Up with Love
Growing Up
He Never Gives Up
Heroes of the Eastern Skies
Hill of No Return
In a Strange City
In Our Time
The Kinmen Bombs
Kuei-mei, a Woman
Lament of the Sand River
The Land of the Brave
Love Go Go
The Moon Also Rises
Murmur of Youth
My Favorite Season
Out of the Blue
The Peony Pavilion
A Pinwheel Without Wind
Rebels of the Neon God (link is to the Canadian store⁠—this is available in the U.S. store, but through a different distributor at a much higher price)
Red Persimmon
The River
Robinson's Crusoe
Rouge of the North
Run Away
The Sandwich Man
Siao Yu
Spring Swallow
This Love of Mine
Three Summer
A Time to Live, a Time to Die
Tonight Nobody Goes Home
Tropical Fish
Vive l'amour
A Way We Go

There are some other titles available in certain territories, like Pushing Hands and The Wedding Banquet in Australia/NZ and The Personals in Australia/NZ/UK. There are also a lot of more recent (i.e., post-2010) films that I've excluded because I don't think they're what people come to this thread for⁠—most of them are actually PRC films, like Apart Together and the 3D version of Farewell My Concubine (the opera, not the Chen Kaige movie).

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Re: Central Motion Picture Corporation

#202 Post by willoneill » Fri Sep 24, 2021 3:03 pm

I'm fairly certain they're new to Canada ... I went on a kick of Chinese/Hong Kong/Taiwanese films in the last few months, searching for different purchasing or streaming options. The Terrorizers and Dust in the Wind were not available digitally at the beginning of summer (again, in Canada). That said, maybe there were around before, had left when I was searching, and then came back. Either way, doesn't matter, they're available now for less than a cup of Starbucks.

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