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Adam Grikepelis
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Re: Technical Issues and Questions

#1801 Post by Adam Grikepelis » Thu Dec 05, 2019 3:24 am

Did you possibly update the firmware recently, and accidentally used the one for Region A players? Otherwise, I'd go with poltergeists.

Rupert Pupkin
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Re: Technical Issues and Questions

#1802 Post by Rupert Pupkin » Thu Dec 05, 2019 4:00 am

Wed Dec 04, 2019 1:49 pm
In addition to my Oppo I have a bog standard Sony Bluray player bought in France and is Region B only and multi-region for standard DVDs. Recently I used it non-stop watching a series of BFI region B discs. The next time I used it for some Indicator titles it kept giving me the message that the disc didn't conform to the player as it was Region B only Puzzled I tried some other titles from Indicator and WB that were multi-region compatible which all works fine . I then tried a Region A Criterion title which surprise surprise worked
Never before in its 4-5 year old history has it been able to play Region A. It has not been chipped or modified in any way and there is no facility as far as I know to be able to use a code or similar to change it. I then went back into the settings and changed it to adopt the original factory settings but to no avail. I am still stuck with Region A.
Other than poltergeist intervention I am at a complete loss to understand what might have happened Any suggestions???
I have the same issues (but it can be easy solved) with my multi region player (not an Oppo by the way).

here is what is happened :

- I can turn it on in region A for Criterion US. It works.

- when I want to turn it for region B I can have a problem with some blu-ray which are region B :

some Artificial Eye Blu-Ray (UK Import) (François Truffaut movies for instance), and recently StudioCanal Steelbook "Leon" (Luc Besson) which are strictly Region B.

Even if I turn it off and set it for region B I have the alert "this disk does not play in this region" or something like that (depending on the blu-ray).
The thing is not that the other Blu-Ray region B are not strictly region B (and would be in fact region ALL); it's a matter of authoring.

the trick is that the blu-ray player kept some data in cache (bookmarks, etc...)
Thus, Blu-Ray disks authored with a strictly region B "protection" can check this cache and see what was the last blu-ray played; and if they noticed some region A blu-ray in the cache has been played (like the last Blu-Ray), then they will consider that the region player zone is region A (even if you have do the right settings to turn it for region B playing).

- I do not recommend to erase this temporary cache just to play a specific region B Blu-Ray disks (or you will lost all your resume marks, and bookmarks).
- I do not recommend to update the firmware

what you need to do is :

- turn your player for region B
- take a Blu-Ray disk which is a French import or European import but doesn't have this "strictly region B" authoring.
For instance I used to take some France Television 2 Blu-Ray French Blu-Ray, like "Les Beaux Gosses" (it's really a region B movie). (in an nutshell, just put a region B disk which used to work with your multi region player).
Put it in the player. You will see that it works for a region B disk.
Then go to the menu of this blu-ray and PLAY the main feature/aka the movie SO THAT the cache knows now that the last blu-ray player you put in your player was a region B disk (and not a region A)
If you just put the blu-ray and go only to the menu and eject the disk before launching the movie, the cache of the last disk played won't have this info.

Now eject the disk and put your Blu-Ray which did not work so far. You will see now that it loads the menu, and you won't have the region error.

In fact your multi-region player was in "region B" mode, that's just that this way of authoring is a reinforced protection for checking "region B" player checking the cache of your player.

What you have to do is just to keep next to you a "trusted" region B disks which works usually with your blu-ray player. So in case it happens again, then you will redo the same "trick".

sorry for my bad English, but I'm French.
hope this helps.

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Re: Technical Issues and Questions

#1803 Post by patreig » Thu Dec 05, 2019 6:48 am

Brilliant ! Merci beaucoup !

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Re: Technical Issues and Questions

#1804 Post by NABOB OF NOWHERE » Fri Dec 06, 2019 9:42 am

Thanks for your suggestions. My point however is that the player which is a simple REGION B ONLY player has never been able to play Region A. There is no facility for changing the region as it is neither equipped or chipped for this option. Additionally, as it is very much a secondary player, it is not even connected to the internet so firmware updating is not an issue. I just cannot see how a change of region compatibility can happen out of the blue and particularly after 4 consecutive years of playing region B only discs.

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Re: Technical Issues and Questions

#1805 Post by Oedipax » Fri Dec 13, 2019 2:10 pm

Can anyone advise whether there is a difference in bitrate/encode quality among the various retailers of films in 4K streaming format?

Since it seems we may be waiting a while (or forever) for a physical 4K release of the new restoration of The Limey, I'm looking to purchase a streaming copy. It's available in a few places, like Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, iTunes, etc.

I'm unclear on whether you're purchasing the exact same file/encode from each of these sellers or if there is one that is clearly superior. Prices do vary a bit and then of course there's the question of whose ecosystem will play nicely with your streaming devices (in my case, I have an LG OLED with built-in Amazon Prime Video and YouTube but no AppleTV, as well as a 4K-capable Chromecast).

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Re: Technical Issues and Questions

#1806 Post by Boosmahn » Sun Apr 05, 2020 11:07 pm

Off the top of your heads, does anyone know what Blu-rays have an "original/theatrical audio mix?" I'm thinking of something like the Original 5.1 Mix for Apocalypse Now or the 4.1 Surround for Alien.

Apologies if this is not the right thread, but it's the closest fit I can find.

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Re: Technical Issues and Questions

#1807 Post by okcmaxk » Mon Apr 06, 2020 10:56 am

Synapse’s Blu-ray of Suspiria has the original 4.0 mix from the theatrical release.
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Re: Technical Issues and Questions

#1808 Post by The Fanciful Norwegian » Mon Apr 06, 2020 5:39 pm

Criterion's Last Year at Marienbad included the original theatrical audio as an option (alongside a restored track) per Resnais' wishes, which none of the subsequent editions have followed.

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Re: Technical Issues and Questions

#1809 Post by ianthemovie » Wed Apr 08, 2020 8:56 am

Can the image quality of a BD played on a PS4 differ from that of one played on a Blu-ray player? I'm currently quarantined at my partner's house and we watched Valerie and Her Week of Wonders the other night on the PS4, and the image quality of both the movie and the special features seemed "unstable", almost having what I would call a wavering or flickering quality. I would wonder if it's the TV but I haven't noticed this on anything else we've watched on Netflix etc.

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Re: Technical Issues and Questions

#1810 Post by tenia » Wed Apr 08, 2020 9:36 am

Boosmahn wrote:Off the top of your heads, does anyone know what Blu-rays have an "original/theatrical audio mix?" I'm thinking of something like the Original 5.1 Mix for Apocalypse Now or the 4.1 Surround for Alien.

Apologies if this is not the right thread, but it's the closest fit I can find.
Be aware it might replicate the theatrical separation but still be adapted for home viewing.
See for instance Criterion's release of The Game, which offers both the true theatrical mix (ie in terms of mixing, EQ and dynamics) and a Near Field mix adapted for home viewing.
I know the French BD of Last Train to Busan used the Korean Theatrical mix. I'm quite sure there are others, but also that tracks claimed to be original theatrical mix might actually have been adapted.

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