'Forthcoming' Lists Discussion and Random Speculation Vol.2

The scuttlebutt on Criterion, Eclipse, and Janus Films. Lists and polls are STRONGLY discouraged.
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Crab Society North wrote:I just watched a 14 minute interview that the folks at AVmaniacs conducted with Bill Lustig about the future of Blue Underground. He mentions that he wont be releasing Suspiria on blu since he doesn't have the rights anymore. Possible Criterion release? it'd be a major seller.
I'll admit up front that I know next to nothing about distribution, rights, who owns what and who is/isn't releasing what on whatever formats.

That said, I have an anecdote that may or may not be relavent to this topic.

Two weeks ago I attend a 24-hour horror movie marathon in Columbus, Ohio. Inferno in 35 mm was scheduled to be shown. It wound up falling through. I'll sum up the organizers story -- they said they were scheduled to get the print from Criterion (don't know if there is any others out there use this name?) for months, but in the week before the event they found out Suspiria had been book for them instead. They tried to get switched back to Inferno (they've shown Suspiria a few times in the past) but the print in question wasn't showable, so it was cancelled (a better print exists but is only shown when a guest tied to the film is booked as well).

I guess the details about the screening falling through aren't important, but I can absolutely confirm the names that were said -- Criterion, Inferno, Suspiria. Don't know if any of this means anything, but as a CC fan, it perked my ears up, then I see this discussion here a few weeks later.

I think there are some posters here with ties to Columbus (I've seen details posted from Criterion events held here before), so maybe someone else was there and can confirm.

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Re: 'Forthcoming' Lists Discussion and Random Speculation Vo

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SternDiet wrote:
tenia wrote:I think they overreacted a bit. I've heard from DVDClassik forum that it's not that awful in motion. But of course, theoretically speaking, it is no good at all from the very beginning. Another thing is their review for Inferno in which they say that the color scheme is awfully off. Same thing, from reviewers and forumers from DVDClassik, it is in fact very good in motion.

Anyway, the other releases (especially Tenebrae) seem to be excellent.
Is there any word on the French subs being forced?
I would say that they are forced, as usually, you can only choose the langages AND the subs as a whole, not separately. But I'm not sure of that, since I don't own the discs.

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Re: 'Forthcoming' Lists Discussion and Random Speculation Vo

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tenia wrote:Suspiria, Inferno & Tenebrae has just been released in France in BR by Wild Side, along with :
Cat o' Nine Tails, Phenomena & The bird with crystal plumage in DVD.

Be aware that The bird transfer has been approved by Argento & Storaro... and that it has been cropped to 2:00... (thanks Vittorio...)
Blue Underground's Bird with the Crystal Plumage Blu-ray is in its proper aspect ratio. Only downside is that it doesn't have the original mono soundtracks.

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