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The Fisher King
Criterion revisits Terry Gilliam's lone for-hire studio film, The Fisher King, starring Jeff Bridges and Robin Williams, which sports a number of new supplements going over the film's surprisingly interesting production history. Available June 23rd. (Photo courtesy of The Criterion Collection)
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My Dinner with Andre
Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn talk up a storm in My Dinner with Andre, directed by Louis Malle. It comes out on Blu-ray as an individual release or in Criterion's new Gregory/Shawn box set. Available June 16th. (Photo courtesy of The Criterion Collection)
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Le silence de la mer
Jean-Pierre Melville's first feature film, Le silence de la mer, comes to The Criterion Collection on Blu-ray. The release also features Melville's first (and only) short film, 24 heures de la vie d'un clown. Available now. (Photo courtesy of The Criterion Collection)
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Odd Man Out
Carol Reed's expressionist noir Odd Man Out comes to Blu-ray from Criterion, featuring a new high-definition transfer. Available April 14th. (Photo courtesy of The Criterion Collection)

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