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Here is a list of titles expected to be forthcoming from Criterion according to various forms of communication through announcements, including newsletters, emails, blogs, websites, social networks, and non-official sources with valuable creditability. Please see Criterion's own site for titles already announced, but not yet released.

Criterion announces new titles at their website, on the 15th of every month, unless that date falls on a weekend, holiday, or there is just a delay.

Even if a film is listed below, this list is not an indicator that the film will be announced immediately. Criterion releases are often held up by a multitude of factors: restorations, director approval, supplements, cover art, etc. Expecting or demanding that a certain film be announced at a certain time is a fruitless endeavor. It is better to wait and enjoy the titles that have been announced, so that the film you are hoping for can receive the best edition possible. You should not see this list as 100% confirmation of anything, as things can and do change, even when a film has already been announced officially (see Contempt + Ran blu-rays).

This forthcoming list is grouped by the source of information. Generally, the list trends downwards (separated by "-------") in terms of strength of information source and immediacy / expectation of announcement.

If you have any information regarding a film addition to the list, corrections, broken links, please send me a private message.

To quick search a name or title, press [CTR]+[F].

Newsletter: (Based on the best/most agreed upon interpretation of the clue)

Midnight Cowboy (Nov, 2013)
Gilda (Aug, 2015)
Paris Nous Appartient (Sep, 2015)

2015 New Years clues:

Clouds of Sils Maria - Confirmed by IFC rep
Inside Llewyn Davis
Lady Snowblood
The New World - Confirmed by Criterion Rep

Not 100% sure from the clue:
Koker Trilogy
After Hours
This is Spinal Tap

Janus Films touring -Official Janus tour, different than simply playing somewhere with a Janus logo.

A Poem Is a Naked Person
War Trilogy (Rome: Open City on current Janus tour in new 4k remaster Blu-ray upgrade imminent)

Chaplin: First National shorts
The Kid (1921)
The Pilgrim (1923)
Woman of Paris (1923)
The Circus (1928)
King in New York (1958)

Wenders Retrospective:
Alice in the Cities
American Friend, The
Buena Vista Social Club
Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick, The
Kings of the Road
Notebook on Cities and Clothes
Reverse Angle: Ein Brief aus New York
State of Things, The
Until the End of the World
Wrong Move

Upgrades (blu-ray or other new editions):

Andrei Rublev (multi-year restoration work, will come out sooner or later)
Bicycle Thieves
Mishima - Criterion's done a new 2k restoration, director confirms
Nanook of the North (confirmed by Flaherty relation + Mulvaney)
Pandora's Box
Passion of Joan of Arc
Le Samourai
Silence (Bergman)
Tales of Hoffman - Thelma Schoonmaker confirmation!!

Press, screening, or employee official confirmations

Before Trilogy
Boy (Oshima)
Classic Bollywood films / Guru Dutt - Indian article (Pyaasa - Venice 2015 restoration)
Fuller Life, A - Confirmation
Graduate, The - confirmation
Harold Lloyd Talkies set - Criterion plans to release all Harold Lloyd shorts/films eventually
Here Comes Mr Jordan - confirmation
In-Laws, The (1979) - confirmation
Napoleon (Abel Gance)
Pan's Labyrinth - Director, if not already confirming it, is hellbent on it being a Criterion.
Touch of Zen
La Verite (Clouzot)
Warner Bros deal - Barcelona (confirmed) + Suburbia seem likely (directors expressed interest)
World Cinema Foundation - more boxsets coming. See list below
World's Greatest Sinner - confirmation.

Additional directors to expect titles from:

Erice - El, Quince Tree Sun
Forman, Milos - Black Peter, Taking Off
Haneke - like Kieslowski, Kino lost the rights to these films, and Criterion has started announcing them, expect more!
Kieslowski - Decalogue; former Kino titles almost a certainty at this point -
Kusturica, Emir
Passolini -Most likely Teorema
Ray, Satyajit - Most all of his films, Devi is being worked on next (after Apu Trilogy)
Renoir - La Chienne (New restoration being presented by Janus)
Welles - Chimes at Midnight, Immortal Story, Othello, It's All True - all confirmed by Criterion producer
Wenders - Director has confirmed that nearly everything he has made will be coming at some point.

Confirmed, but eternally Delayed

A Brighter Summer Day
Carnival in Flanders
Macunaíma (1969)
Shanghai Express
The Wedding March
Played with Janus Logo / available on Amazon or Itunes (not Hulu!)

Downhill (1927)
Evergreen (1934)
Intimate Lighting (1965) - Played on TCM with Janus logo
Lady Snowblood
Lady Snowblood 2: Love Song Of Vengeance
Lodger (1927)
Madeline (1950)
Man of Aran (1934)
Night Heaven Fell (1958) played on TCM with Janus logo
The Passionate Friends (1949)
Rocking Horse Winner (1949)
Sabotage (1936)
The Seventh Veil (1945)
Tiger Bay (1959)
Young and Innocent (1937)

Czech New Wave films: (See here)
All My Good Countrymen
Courage for Every Day
The Cremator
The Cry
Diamonds of the Night
The Ear
Something Different
Transport from Paradise

World Cinema Project films: (See here)

Two Girls on the Street (1939), André de Toth
Revenge (1989), Yermek Shinarbayev
The Night of Counting the Years (1969), Shadi Abdel Salam
Nidhanaya (1970), Lester James Peries
Mysterious Object at Noon (2000), Apichatpong Weersethakul
Manila in the Claws of Light (1975), Lino Brocka
Limite (1931), Mário Peixoto
The Law of the Border (1966), Ömer Lütfi Akad
Kalpana (1948), Uday Shankar
Insiang (1976), Lino Brocka
Forest of the Hanged (1964), Liviu Ciulei ---------(Film Foundation still restoring)
The Eloquent Peasant (1969), Shadi Abdel Salam
Downpour (1971), Bahram Bayzai
Color of Pomegranates (1969), Sergei Parajanov
But Film is My Mistress (2010), Stig Björkman
A Brighter Summer Day (1991), Edward Yang
Boys from Feng-kuei (1983), Hou Hsiao-hsien
Borom Sarret (1963), Ousmane Sembène
Black Girl (1966), Ousmane Sembène
Alyam, Alyam (1978), Ahmed El Maanouni ---------(Film Foundation still restoring)
After the Curfew (1954), Usmar Ismail
Speculation / Recent Restorations:
Alexander Nevsky (Venice 2015 restoration)
Daisies (rescue from Eclipse)
Elevator to the Gallows
Heaven Can Wait - (Venice 2015)
Hotel du Nord
Image Entertainment's "vast video library" (from AudioBrandon, Films Inc. and others)-link
Ivan the Terrible 1 + 2
Matter of Life and Death (Venice 2015, Sony)
Of Mice and Men (Lewis Milestone)
MGM licensed films - Narrowed down speculation
Pickup on South Street (4K)
Princess Bride - Possibly confirmed
Red Beard (Venice 2015 restoration)
Shampoo (1975) - possibly confirmed
The Story of the Last Chrysanthemum
Withnail and I
Distinct Possibilities (don't look at me, these are from the old list)

Fuller, Samuel - PARK ROW
Hou Hsiao-hsien - ("possibility, yes")
Khan, Mehbook - MOTHER INDIA (Criterion is trying to get this)
Powell & Pressburger - more rarer films that have not been released
Rivette, Jacques - FOOL‘S MATE
Shima, Koji - GOLDEN DEMON
Siodmak, Robert - CRY OF THE CITY
Tsai Ming-Liang - ("looking into some")

Removed announced titles - Sep 16, 2015
Sorry everyone, Young and Innocent was actually Code Unknown
Started jazzing the list up with links and better info - June 10, 2015

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Criterion on Hulu

Check out this list as many of these are high potential for a Criterion spine # one day.

Played somewhere with a Janus/Criterion logo (This list's contents will likely move one day to either Hulu, main forthcoming or just be released without warning):

Ballad of Narayama - (Imamura, 1983)
Douce - (Autant-Lara, 1943)
Downfall of Osen, The - (Mizoguchi, 1935)
Girl Next Door, The (Ozu, 1934)
Hero, The - (Ray, 1965)
Italian Straw Hat, The - (Clair, 1928)
Jaguar - (Brocka, 1980)
Kameradschaft - (Pabst, 1931)
Miracle in Milan - (De Sica, 1951)
My Love Has Been Burning - (Mizoguchi, 1949)
Oh! Mr. Porter - Marcel (Vanel, 1937)
Querelle - (Fassbinder, 1982)
Sikkim - (Ray, 1971)
Toni - (Renoir, 1934)
Troublemaker, The - (Flicker, 1964)
Whistle Down the Wind (Forbes, 1961)

Janus Films listed, but there is still some mild doubt/questions raised in the process:

Blue Light (Riefenstahl)
Number 17 (Hitchcock)
Secret Agent (Hitchcock)
Olympia (Riefenstahl)
Tiefland (Riefenstahl)
Triumph of the Will (Riefenstahl)

AFI list:
Anatomy of a Marriage; My Days With Jean-Marc (1964)
Anatomy of a Marriage; My Nights With Françoise (1964)
Bernadette of Lourdes (1962)
China! (1965)
Cinderella (1961)
Crooks Anonymous (1963)
The Devil's Eye (1961)
The Face of War (1963)
The Fiances (1964)
The Fruit Is Ripe (1961)
The Guest (1964)
Heavens Above! (1963)
Just Once More (1963)
Maid for Murder (1963)
Nurse on Wheels (1963)
Opiate '67 (1967)
The Playboy of the Western World (1963)
Port of Call (1963)
The Ritual (1970)
Secrets of Women (1961)
Some Like It Cool (1961)
The Sound of Trumpets (1963)
Sparrows Can't Sing (1963)
The Swedish Mistress (1964)
Three Fables of Love (1963)
Two Daughters (1963)
Young Aphrodites (1966)

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Please do not post any messages in this thread; they will be deleted.

If you have an addition to any of these lists, please send a private message to Minkin.

If you would like to discuss potentially forthcoming Criterion and Eclipse titles, do it here. If you want to discuss Criterion properties on Hulu, do it here.

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