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Films Guidelines

#1 Post by Jeff » Sun Aug 03, 2008 6:49 pm

The following are some general guidelines for posting in the "Films" section of the forum. They are intended to make the section more usable and navigable for all members. Many of these guidelines are applicable to all sections of the forum.

1. Before Creating a new topic, please perform a Search to make sure that the topic is not already being discussed. If the topic is not already being discussed, is there an existing thread where your post would make sense?

2. If you determine that a new thread should be created, think about whether the topic of this thread is likely to appeal to many members of the forum. Do not post threads for films that you expect to be met with general derision. Do not start new topics that you intend to be "ironic" or "funny."

3. If you only want to share a trailer for an upcoming film that does not have an existing thread, please post it here.

4. If you would like to discuss a film that has not yet been released, determine if you should start a new topic or post in the "New Films in Production" thread. In general, only films that are well into the production process should receive new topics. If you know that the film has begun principal photography or is in post-production and has a scheduled release date, start a new topic. Films that are in earlier stages of production (casting, pre-production, announcements in the trades) should be discussed here. Films which are simply rumored or "possible" should not be discussed until more concrete information is available.

5. Topics for new films should follow this format:

Film Title (FirstName LastName, YEAR)

• The film title should be the one which the one which would be identifiable to most members. For example, Almodóvar's Talk to Her would be known by that title to the vast majority of members, even though it is known as Hable con ella in its country of origin. If you are unsure which title is more commonly known, you may include both titles separated by brackets (To Each His Cinema [Chacun son cinéma]). If one title becomes more generally accepted, the thread title may be changed by a moderator.

• The director's first and last name should be included. Directors from countries in which family names are given first should be credited that way (Wong Kar-Wai, not Kar-Wai Wong). Director's given names may be omitted if necessary to accommodate the thread title length allowed by phpBB.

• The year listed is the year of commercial release in the film's country of origin. If the film does not receive a commercial release, festival dates may apply.