South American Cinema on DVD

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Re: South American Cinema on DVD

#51 Post by vertovfan » Mon Nov 07, 2011 11:35 am

The Joaquím Pedro de Andrade box set from Carlotta is well worth the investment, IMO. The films are great, with nice-looking transfers, and several short films are included as bonus material, so the set includes basically his entire cinematic oeuvre. I was surprised at the variety - The Priest and the Young Girl for example is totally different in tone from Macunaíma, but equally good in its own right. A couple interview extras are lacking English subtitles, but everything by Andrade is English-friendly.

About the Argentina release of Hour of the Furnaces - part one has English subtitles, but parts two and three do not. English subs are available on the net, however, for those with the patience and know-how for that sort of thing.

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Re: South American Cinema on DVD

#52 Post by Gregory » Wed Dec 14, 2011 4:07 pm

zedz wrote:I'm very excited to hear that Hour of the Furnaces has finally been unleashed. Has anybody seen / can they recommend either the Argentine or Swiss edition?
I wanted to look at the DVDs from Argentina again to refresh my memory, but had to wait awhile after moving to unearth them from storage. I'll stand by my recommendation of this 2 DVD set from Cinesur, if one can get it inexpensively. The seller I bought it from on Amazon Marketplace a while ago is still offering it at a good price there ($11.49). Their feedback percentage is fairly low (94%) but I remember receiving the discs promptly. The set was also still on eBay last I checked. First of all, to address this...
vertovfan wrote:About the Argentina release of Hour of the Furnaces - part one has English subtitles, but parts two and three do not. English subs are available on the net, however, for those with the patience and know-how for that sort of thing.
...on my Cinesur DVD, all three parts are subtitled in English, though are perhaps a bit crammed onto the first disc, which, if I'm looking at the codes near the hub correctly, looks to be single-layered. But this is Third Cinema, and in a guerrilla agitprop quasi-documentary style, (quite far removed in style from most Cinema Nôvo, for example) that I believe doesn't need stellar picture quality. Sharpness is decent enough, and contrast is fine to see all the details. Overall, the picture quality is far, far better than your typical release from Facets, such as their horrendous-looking Raymundo Gleyzer set. The only really distracting flaw I noticed is some intermittent audio distortion that occurred a few times as I was rewatching part 1.

This is daring filmmaking that, especially in part 1, was made to keep people near the edges of their seats and ready to launch into debate (and then action!) as soon as the projector was shut off. It really exemplifies as well as anything I've seen what Third CInema was all about, and it stand alongside its militant European essay film counterparts. So much amazing footage here, striking camera movements that serve the various type of scene they capture, bold montage... I could go on, but I hope more people will pick up this film, and I would enjoy some discussion of it. Sorry I can't comment on the Swiss edition, but maybe Wu.Qinghua has had a chance to take a look and can provide a point of comparison.

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Re: South American Cinema on DVD

#53 Post by vertovfan » Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:47 am

I'll check my discs tonight - I could have sworn the English subtitles were only on part one of the Cinesur. I have the Swiss edition too and as I recall it has a similar picture quality. I also remember a bit that was in one version but not the other - an interview with Perón in part two, I think. I'll check that tonight as well.

I second Gregory's enthusiastic recommendation of the film itself. It's one of the most electrifying pieces of political cinema I've ever seen. It's every bit as radical as the Godard/Dziga Vertov Group films, but much more viscerally engaging. The audience is directed to discuss the issues in-between the parts, and there are direct exhortations to audience action outside the theater. The closest comparison I could think of would be the short Cuban documentaries of Santiago Álvarez. Great stuff!

Edit: I just checked my discs for La hora de los hornos. The Cinesur (my copy at least) has English, French and Spanish subtitles on part one, but only Spanish subtitles on parts two and three. I wonder if there could have been an authoring error that they fixed later... The Trigon version has a definite edge on picture quality, not surprising since they've spread the film over two discs - part one on disc one, parts two and three on disc two (the Cinesur version has two discs as well, but the second is devoted to extras). The Cinesur version does include material that's missing on the Trigon version. Total running time for the Cinesur is 250 minutes, while the Trigon is 229 minutes. I took the timings from the counter on my player, not the DVD covers which didn't quite add up correctly on either version.

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Re: South American Cinema on DVD

#54 Post by SamLowry » Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:56 am

Im trying to find out more about south american film directors.
How about Eliseo Subiela? Man Facing Southeast really needs a Criterion release.

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Re: South American Cinema on DVD

#55 Post by rohmerin » Thu Dec 15, 2011 7:42 am

I only know (and not very well because it's difficult to find prints here) Argentinian cinema:

I recommend Adolfo Aristarain Martín H, Un lugar en el mundo, Lugares comunes, o Tiempo de revancha.

Carlos Sorín first film was awarded at Venice. La película del rey about a French that went to Patagonia in 19th century and made an independent kingdom. Excellent film. Other Sorin movies are available in UK.

Comercial but very interesting, known in US, Marcelo Piñeyro. I loved all his films, specially Cenizas en el paraíso. I didn't like Subiela, but I agree, it deserves an international recognition outside the beautiful "El lado oscuro del corazón".

We can take this list with the Cóndores de Plata to Best Films that Argentinians have since the 40's and search for the directors, but even on piracy lands all those 40's, 50's and 60's are missing. There are isolated cases such as 1939 Prisioneros de la tierra, but the prints are awful.

Scorsese's foundation should (re) discover Leopoldo Torre Nilsson, who, by far, is the best filmmaker as I have written before.

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#56 Post by Cremildo » Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:29 am

Lino wrote:Glauber Rocha's Idade da Terra (Age of the Earth) is being released on April, 1 in Brazil as a 2xDVD set with english subs. No-brainer here!
The transfer is non-anamorphic though, just like 'Antonio das Mortes'.

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Re: South American Cinema on DVD

#57 Post by L.A. » Wed Feb 08, 2012 10:04 am

O Cangaceiro (1953), again a nice looking package from Versátil.

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Re: South American Cinema on DVD

#58 Post by L.A. » Mon Apr 30, 2012 6:07 pm

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Re: SA, now with Venezuela, too ...

#59 Post by Lemmy Caution » Sat Jun 02, 2012 1:24 pm

Some of the extras on the Carlotta Macunaima don't have English subtitles.
The exception is a 30 minute 1967 documentary on the Brazilian New Wave by Joaquim Pedro de Andrade.
It goes on set to observe 5 Brazilian directors making films in Rio at that moment.
A young Carlos Diegues, Nelson Pereira dos Santos working on his follow-up to Vidas Secas, Glauber Rocha, Domingos Oilveira, and Arnaldo Jabor.
Most interesting is watching Glauber Rocha working with the actors during the making of Terra em Transe. He has very exact directions on how he wants line readings, pauses, inflections, body movements. He even provides last second touches to an actor's hair.

There's also a short film on the social dynamics of turning cats into tambourines.

Macunaima itself struck me as a self-indulgment, semi-improvised mess.
Certainly one of the least subtle films I've encountered in quite a while.

The wiki article on Brazil's Cinema Novo is useful, dividing it into three phases and wrapping up with a list of 20 representative/significant films.

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Re: South American Cinema on DVD

#60 Post by Numéro 2 » Tue Nov 20, 2012 9:09 am

Hope this question falls into the right section here!

Som time ago I stumbled upon at notice on a new Brazilian dvd series in the making. I think it was called 'shoot' - which was supposed to gather works by the more independent/underground/experimental filmmaking of the 60s and 70s. At the time (3 years ago) I could find a working download link, but as a friend of mine is now living in Brazil for a few months, I wanted her to find them for me - but have been searching around for the same information and have come up with nothing!

Any of you here remember what the series was called ? Or if it's still in print? I seem to remember they were in Portugese language only - but that's not that big a problem. I still curious to see them!

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South American Cinema on DVD

#61 Post by Lemmy Caution » Fri Oct 02, 2015 8:48 am

As a good reference, and in the interests of bumping this thread, I swiped this from a FilmFanSea post from a few years ago. Hopefully more of this has become available.

100 Best Ibero-American Films ( Poll, 2008)

Rank --- Original Title / Translation --- Director(s) --- Year --- Country --- Eng Subbed DVD/BR Available in R1/A? --- Details

1 Memorias del subdesarrollo / Memories of Underdevelopment Alea, Tomás Gutiérrez 1968 Cuba YES Mr Bongo DVD (R2 PAL - UK); VHS - New Yorker
2 El laberinto del fauno / Pan's Labyrinth del Toro, Guillermo 2006 Spain/Mexico Yes BR- New Line (2007)
3 Los olvidados Buñuel, Luis 1950 Mexico Yes DVD - Amazon On Demand (2011); Films sans frontières DVD (R0 PAL); US rights??
4 Cidade de Deus / City of God Meirelles, Fernando 2002 Brazil Yes BR - Lionsgate (2011)
5 Todo sobre mi madre / All About My Mother Almodóvar, Pedro 1999 Spain Yes DVD - Sony (2009)
6 El ángel exterminador / The Exterminating Angel Buñuel, Luis 1962 Mexico Yes DVD - Criterion (2009)
7 Fresa y chocolate / Strawberry and Chocolate Alea, Tomás Gutiérrez 1994 Cuba Yes DVD - Alliance (Canada)
8 Estación Central / Central Station Salles, Walter 1998 Brazil Yes DVD - Sony (1999)
9 La historia oficial / The Official History Puenzo, Luis 1985 Argentina Yes DVD- Koch Lorber (2004)
10 Dona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos / Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands Barreto, Bruno 1976 Brazil Yes DVD- New Yorker (2008)
11 Belle epoque / The Age of Beauty Trueba, Fernando 1992 Spain Yes DVD- Sony (2003)
12 Lucía Solás, Humberto 1968 Cuba YES DVD- Mr Bongo (R1 PAL UK - 2010)
13 Mar adentro / The Sea Inside Amenábar, Alejandro 2004 Spain Yes DVD- New Line (2005)
14 El espíritu de la colmena / The Spirit of the Beehive Erice, Victor 1973 Spain Yes DVD- Criterion (2006)
15 La estrategia del caracol / The Strategy of the Snail Cabrera, Sergio 1993 Colombia ***NO*** German DVD release
16 Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios / Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown Almodóvar, Pedro 1998 Spain Yes DVD- Sony (2009)
17 El hijo de la novia / Son of the Bride Campanella, Juan José 2001 Argentina Yes DVD- Sony (2002)
18 Bienvenido Mister Marshall / Welcome Mr. Marshall! Berlanga, Luis García 1953 Spain ***NO*** DVD- Tribanda (R2 PAL)
19 Pantaleón y las visitadoras / Captain Pantoja and the Special Services Lombardi, Francisco 2000 Peru Yes DVD- Warner (2006)
20 Viridiana Buñuel, Luis 1961 Spain Yes DVD- Criterion (2006)
21 Amores perros / Love's a Bitch Iñárritu, Alejandro González 2000 Mexico Yes DVD- Lionsgate (2003)
22 Suite Habana / Havana Suite Pérez, Fernando 2003 Cuba ***NO*** DVD- Trigon (R2 PAL)
23 La ciudad y los perros / The City and the Dogs Lombardi, Francisco 1985 Peru ***NO*** N/A
24 Whisky Rebella, Juan Pablo 2004 Uruguay ***NO*** DVD-Fox R2 PAL
25 Como agua para chocolate / Like Water for Chocolate Arau, Alfonso 1992 Mexico Yes DVD-Lionsgate (2011)
26 El callejón de los milagros / Midaq Alley Fons, Jorge 1995 Mexico ***NO*** DVD-Fox Lorber OOP
27 El crimen del padre Amaro / The Crime of Father Amaro Carrera, Carlos 2001 Mexico Yes DVD- Sony (2003)
28 El lado oscuro del corazón / The Dark Side of the Heart Subiela, Eliseo 1992 Argentina ***NO*** DVD-Cinemateca OOP
29 Historias mínimas / Intimate Stories Sorín, Carlos 2002 Argentina Yes DVD- New Yorker (2006)
30 La lengua de las mariposas / Butterfly Tongues or Butterfly Cuerda, José Luis 1999 Spain Yes DVD- Miramax (2001)
31 Profundo carmesí / Deep Crimson Ripstein, Arturo 1996 Mexico Yes DVD-Homevision (1997)
32 Terra em transe / Entranced Earth Rocha, Glauber 1967 Brazil YES DVD-Mr Bongo (R1 PAL 2009)
33 Y tu mamá también Cuarón, Alfonso 2001 Mexico Yes DVD-MGM (2002)
34 Bye, Bye Brasil Diegues, Carlos 1979 Brazil Yes DVD- New Yorker (2007)
35 Guantanamera Alea, Tomás Gutiérrez 1995 Cuba Yes DVD- New Yorker (2000)
36 El beso de la mujer araña / Kiss of the Spider Woman Babenco, Héctor 1985 Brazil Yes BR- City Lights (2008)
37 La ley de Herodes / Herod's Law Estrada, Luis 1999 Mexico ***NO*** DVD- Fox (2004--OOP)
38 Nueve Reinas / Nine Queens Bielinski, Fabián 2000 Argentina Yes DVD-Sony (2002)
39 La vendedora de rosas / The Rose Seller Gaviria, Víctor 1990 Colombia Yes DVD-Venevision (2003)
40 Vidas secas / Barren Lives dos Santos, Nelson Pereira 1963 Brazil Yes DVD-New Yorker (2006)
41 Volver Almodóvar, Pedro 2006 Spain Yes DVD-Sony (2007)
42 La vida es silbar / Life is to Whistle Pérez, Fernando 1998 Cuba Yes DVD-New Yorker (2002)
43 El día de la bestia / The Day of the Beast de la Iglesia, Alex 1995 Spain ***NO*** N/A
44 Crónicas / Chronicles Cordero, Sebastián 2004 Ecuador Yes DVD-Palm (2004)
45 Frida, naturaleza viva / Frida Leduc, Paul 1986 Mexico Yes BR-Lionsgate (2012)
46 Jamón, jamón / A Tale of Ham and Passion Luna, Bigas 1992 Spain ***NO*** DVD-Tartan (R0 PAL)
47 La Gente de la Universal Aljure, Felipe 1991 Colombia ***NO*** N/A
48 Los amantes del círculo polar / Lovers of the Arctic Circle Medem, Julio 1998 Spain Yes DVD-Image (2012)
49 Plata quemada / Burnt Money Piñeyro, Marcelo 2000 Argentina Yes DVD-Strand (2002)
50 Vampiros en La Habana / Vampires in Havana Padrón, Juan 1985 Cuba Yes DVD-Vanguard (2002)
51 Arrebato / Rapture Zulueta, Iván 1980 Spain ***NO*** N/A
52 Canoa Cazal, Felipe 1975 Mexico Yes DVD-Desert Mountain (2006)
53 El Buñuel, Luis 1953 Mexico YES DVD-Films sans frontières (R2 PAL 2001)
54 Deus e o Diabo na terra do sol / Black God, White Devil Rocha, Glauber 1964 Brazil YES DVD-Mr Bongo (R1 PAL 2008)
55 La hora de los hornos / The Hour of the Furnaces Solanas, Fernando 1968 Argentina ***NO*** DVD from Argentina available
56 El Sur / The South Erice, Victor 1983 Spain ***NO*** N/A
57 Satanás / Satan Baiz, Andrés 2007 Colombia Yes DVD- Navarre (2009)
58 Rodrigo D: No futuro / Rodrigo D: No Future Gaviria, Víctor 1990 Colombia ***NO*** DVD-Facets (2004- OOP??)
59 La batalla de Chile / The Battle of Chile Guzmán, Patricio 1975-9 Chile Yes DVD-Icarus (2009)
60 Diarios de motocicleta / The Motorcycle Diaries Salles, Walter 2004 Argentina Yes DVD-Universal (2004)
61 Crónica de un niño solo / Chronicle of a Boy Alone Favio, Leonardo 1965 Argentina ***NO*** ? DVD from "Sanya", no subs mentioned
62 El norte Nava, Gregory 1983 USA Yes BR-Criterion (2009)
63 Jerico Lamata, Alberto 1990 Venezuela ***NO*** N/A
64 El abrazo partido / Lost Embrace Burman, Daniel 2004 Argentina ***NO*** DVD- R2 PAL (Spain) available
65 25 Watts Rebella, Juan Pablo 2001 Uruguay Yes DVD-Cinemateca (2004)
66 Cuestión de Fe / A Matter of Faith Loayza, Marcos 1995 Bolivia ***NO*** N/A
67 La nación clandestina Sanjinés, Jorge 1989 Bolivia ***NO*** N/A
68 El chacal de Nahueltoro / Jackal of Nahueltoro Littín, Miguel 1969 Chile Yes DVD - Terra (2006)
69 Hable con ella / Talk to Her Almodóvar, Pedro 2001 Spain Yes DVD - Sony (2003)
70 Retrato de Teresa / Portrait of Teresa Vega, Pastor 1979 Cuba ***NO*** VHS-New Yorker
71 Cronos del Toro, Guillermo 1993 Mexico Yes BR-Criterion (2010)
72 Boquitas pintadas / Painted Lips or Heartbreak Tango Torre-Nilson, Leopoldo 1974 Argentina ***NO*** VHS- Facets
73 El verdugo / The Executioner Berlanga, Luis García 1963 Spain ***NO*** N/A
74 Ese oscuro objeto del deseo / That Obscure Object of Desire Buñuel, Luis 1977 Spain/France Yes DVD-Criterion (2001-OOP)--now Lionsgate
75 La muerte de un burocrata / Death of a Bureaucrat Alea, Tomás Gutiérrez 1966 Cuba ***NO*** VHS- New Yorker
76 Tropa de elite / Elite Squad Padilha, Jose 2007 Brazil Yes BR- New Video Group (2012)
77 Asignatura pendiente / Unfinished Business Garci, José Luis 1978 Spain ***NO*** N/A
78 La Caza / The Hunt Saura, Carlos 1965 Spain ***NO*** DVD- R2 PAL (Spain) available
79 La última Cena / The Last Supper Alea, Tomás Gutiérrez 1976 Cuba ***NO*** VHS-New Yorker
80 La ley del deseo / Law of Desire Almodóvar, Pedro 1987 Spain Yes DVD-Sony (2009)
81 Nosotros los pobres / We the Poor Rodríguez, Ismael 1947 Mexico Yes DVD-Warner (2009)
82 El cochecito / The Little Coach Ferreri, Marco 1960 Spain Yes DVD- Koch Lorber (2008)-box set only
83 Bajo California: El límite del tiempo / Under California: The Limit of Time Bolado, Carlos 1998 Mexico ***NO*** N/A
84 El pez que fuma / The Smoking Fish Chalbaud, Roman 1977 Venezuela ***NO*** N/A
85 Martín (Hache) / Martin (H) Aristarain, Adolfo 1997 Argentina ***NO*** N/A
86 Japón Reygadas, Carlos 2002 Mexico Yes DVD-Tartan (2004)
87 Lo que le paso a Santiago / Santiago, the Story of His New Life Morales, Jacobo 1989 Puerto Rico ***NO*** N/A
88 Alicia en el pueblo de Maravillas / Alice in Wondertown Díaz Torres, Daniel 1991 Cuba Yes DVD-First Run (2009)
89 Un lugar en el mundo / A Place in the World Aristarain, Adolfo 1992 Argentina Yes DVD-First Look (2006)
90 Deprisa, deprisa / Fast, Fast Saura, Carlos 1981 Spain ***NO*** VHS-Homevision
91 El chacotero sentimental / The Sentimental Teaser Galaz, Cristián 1999 Chile ***NO*** Available Amazon Instant Video only
92 El romance de Aniceto y la Francisca Favio, Leonardo 1966 Argentina ***NO*** N/A
93 Carandiru Babenco, Héctor 2003 Brazil Yes DVD-Sony (2004)
94 Confesión a Laura / Confessing to Laura Osorio, Jaime 1990 Colombia ***NO*** VHS-Facets
95 De cierta manera / Sort of García Espinosa, González Pérez, Alea, and Gómez 1974 Cuba ***NO*** N/A
96 Caluga o menta / Candy or Mint Justiniano, Gonzalo 1990 Chile Yes Terra Entertainment DVD (2006)
97 El colombian dream Aljure, Felipe 2005 Colombia ***NO*** N/A
98 Antonio das Mortes Rocha, Glauber 1969 Brazil YES Mr Bongo (R1 PAL - UK)
99 Amaneció de golpe Azpúrura, Carlos 1998 Venezuela Yes Maverick DVD (2003)
100 La ministra inmoral Luzardo, Julio 2007 Colombia ***NO*** N/A

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Re: South American Cinema on DVD

#62 Post by L.A. » Sat Feb 18, 2017 9:08 am

Maybe a little recap wouldn't hurt. As of February 2017, are there any English-friendly Brazilian etailers? Even some that ships overseas would do just fine.

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Re: South American Cinema on DVD

#63 Post by rohmerin » Sat Feb 18, 2017 3:24 pm

N 85 Martin Hache, the best Aristarain's film, made in Spain, is out in Spain R2 PAL with English subtitles.
Most of the Spanish films in the list are out on Blu Ray. All Regions, but I think without subtitles.

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