Akira Kurosawa

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Re: Akira Kurosawa

#76 Post by teddyleevin » Mon Dec 04, 2017 4:05 am

Has Those Who Make Tomorrow showed up anywhere? A few dozen people have logged it on Letterboxd. Does it show up in retrospectives from time to time?

In the past few months, this review of Kurosawa's TV documentary Song of the Horse was published. I'd be shocked if it ever gets better treatment than this anytime soon, but it would make a great supplement to any potential future Blu if Criterion can get their hands on it. The DVD is still for sale here for $14.95. I just ordered one in time for a personal Kurosawa retrospective to finish off the 5 (really 6.33333) of his films I've not seen and revisit the rest.

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