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Filmmaker Forum Guidelines

#1 Post by DarkImbecile » Sat Jul 07, 2007 6:15 pm

Welcome to the Filmmakers section of the forum! As of Summer 2018, I'm working on gradually cleaning up this section as much as possible (adding standardized first posts to a few dozen topics, updating another 100 or so that sorely need it, replacing dead links, etc.), and as that process continues, please feel free to reach out with any suggestions, resources, and questions. In addition to the usual forum rules, please take note of some quick parameters for keeping these topics as well-organized, up-to-date, and useful a resource as possible for the community here:

1.) The topics in this section are generally most useful as a collection of resources on a particular filmmaker (mostly directors, though you may find screenwriters, cinematographers, and composers as well), a source of general discussion of broader careers, legacies, and influences, as well as examinations of individual works that don't have a dedicated discussion ongoing elsewhere. As always, posts with simple lists of favorites are strongly discouraged, and there are semi-regular Auteur List Projects that can help you scratch that particular itch.

2.) Use the Filmmaker Forum Index AND the Search function to find established topics before creating a new one. If you have a question or are looking to comment on a particular film, search for a topic devoted to that film specifically if possible and join the ongoing conversation there. If you find that there isn't a dedicated topic for a filmmaker you want to discuss, but there is scattered discussion of that person across other topics, submit a request to a moderator to consolidate those posts into a single thread. Failing all that, you can request a first post from me in advance of initiating a discussion on a heretofore neglected filmmaker or create one yourself, but please follow up with at least one substantive post justifying that topic's existence to avoid cluttering the subforum with topics lacking any relevant discussion.

3.) The first post of each topic is the main repository of information on the subject, and I will attempt to keep existing first posts as updated as possible with most current information and new links/resources that have been posted in the topic thread. New first posts should consist of at least the following information, if applicable (use this formatting or adapt to your own liking, but try to include all the major sections below):

Code: Select all

[b]Filmmaker's Full Name[/b] (Birth-Death)


[i]"Quote By or About the Filmmaker"[/i]

[b][u]Filmography[/u][/b] (either somehow specified as features/shorts/television/documentary/etc. work or broken into appropriate sections, as below; if the content is available LEGALLY online, please link to it)
[u]Features[/u] (If there are multiple titles or languages for a particular release, please try to be comprehensive to prevent confusion)
[b]Title[/b] (Year)

"Title" (Year)

[i]Show[/i] - S#E# - "Episode Title" (Year)

[b][u]Books[/u][/b] (Major works by or about the filmmaker)
[i]Title[/i], Author (Year)

[b][u]Web Resources[/u][/b] (Links to official sites, relevant articles/interviews/video essays/etc.)
[url]"Article", by Author, [i]Publication[/i] (Year)[/url]
[url]Year interview by Interviewer, [i]Publication[/i][/url]

[b][u]Forum Discussions[/u][/b] (Links to other relevant topics across the forum, with release-related topics in chronological order)
[url]Full Thread Title for Debut Film[/url]
[url]Full Thread Title for Most Recent Film[/url]
[url]Full Thread Title for Infighting Topic on Filmmaker's Ethical Failures[/url]
4.) Feel free to add info about current home video releases, though those by major boutique labels (Criterion, Arrow, Indicator, MOC) should be represented in the Forum Resources section and there are other, more comprehensive and regularly updated sources to find out which label currently has the rights to Hitchcock's 26th-best feature or issued a DVD of a student film in 2001. Streaming availability changes too often to be worth keeping track of here.