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Lupu Pick

#1 Post by HerrSchreck » Tue Apr 22, 2014 4:14 pm

(2 January 1886 – 7 March 1931)
"This book fulfills the conditions of a scenario because, when we read it, it suggests feelings which move us and is not composed of merely visual elements. Seeing the three characters confined within a narrow framework and tearing each other apart, we experience with each of them the particular sorrow which results from the fact that they want to show kindness to each other and cannot. Seeing this drinking, this explosion of joy, this celebration of the Umwelt (the world around them), we feel all these creatures so remote from each other rush forward, fail to make the human contact they seek, then lose their way in life. In short, we feel the curse which weighs upon humanity: to be subject to the condition of the beast and yet to be capable of thought. We become conscious of this if we wish to feel and not merely to see.”

Lupu Pick, on Carl Mayer's scenario for Sylvester (1923).

(more to come...)

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