37 Divorce Iranian Style / Runaway

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Re: 37 Divorce Iranian Style and Runaway

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Congratulations Second Run, three outstanding releases worthy of a place on any top 10 of the year [along with the wonderful Three Films by Marc Isaacs and the incomparable Daisies]. It's been a stellar year following Second Run's output [regularly providing films and showcasing film makers that are totally new experiences for me, and of incredible talent] and it seems like 2010 will carry on the bar-raising with another duo of Longinotto films, more from Frantisek Vlacil and [fingers crossed] the long awaited releases of Black Snow and The Girl from Hunan.

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Re: 37 Divorce Iranian Style and Runaway

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"Divorce Iranian Style (1998) and Runaway (2001) offer separate but mutually enhancing examinations of gender politics in Iran. Like a precursor to Asghar Farhadi’s A Separation, the former focuses stringently on the legalities of the divorce process in the country, while the latter traces the pasts and potential futures of five girls seeking refuge in Tehran from abusive family lives. Nearly two decades on, the films remain milestones of UK documentary, marked by a compassionate depth of gaze that refuses to complacently rest on worthy subjects."
Guy Lodge discusses DIVORCE IRANIAN STYLE and RUNAWAY in The Guardian's DVD and video reviews, as the two films stream on MUBI UK this week.

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