24 My Way Home

Discuss DVDs and Blu-rays released by Second Run and the films on them.
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peerpee wrote:Those with noisy players on the discs in questions -- what make of DVD player do you all have?
Philips DVP5982 for me.

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Re: 24 My Way Home

#52 Post by Bikey » Thu Dec 01, 2016 2:25 pm

Beginning a selection of Tarkovsky double bills, Close-Up present four pairings of the Russian master’s films with a selection of masterpieces drawn from Second Run’s catalogue that echo and contrast the auteur’s themes and philosophy – often in frequently surprising ways. Beginning this Saturday 4th December with a double bill of Miklós Jancsó's MY WAY HOME (1964) and Tarkovsky's IVAN'S CHILDHOOD (1962).
Much like Tarkovsky’s own extraordinary World War II film, My Way Home delves into the devastating psychological effects of conflict on the young, to create a deeply moving and poetic view of life during wartime.
Close-Up Cinema, Sunday 4th December from 6pm

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