9 / BD 12 Intimate Lighting

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Re: 9 / BD 12 Intimate Lighting

#51 Post by GoodOldNeon » Wed Aug 22, 2018 6:21 pm

Having now watched the Blu-ray and skimmed through all of the reviews linked here, I'm starting to worry that there is something wrong with my TV, because this was one of the weakest presentations of a film on Blu-ray that I've seen in the last year, yet no one seems to have mentioned anything about it in their reviews. While the underlying 4K restoration is beautiful, any even remotely dark scene is littered with pixelation (or is it macroblocking; I'm not well-versed enough technically to know what the proper terminology is). I counted at least six instances of this happening, and that's without any conscious effort on my part to spot the flaws. The most obvious example is the shot right near the end, seen in this screencap from DVDBeaver, but there are many earlier examples as well. (I think the Beaver cap actually understates how obvious the pixelation is). The Cine Outsider review has a smaller cap of the same shot, but also check out the first cap of the four men playing their instruments and look at the lower-left quadrant; see also the lower-right quadrant of the second cap. (Bafflingly, Cine Outsider makes no mention of this in the text of the review, referring instead to a "superb viewing experience"). Overall I found this very disappointing, given the superb quality of the underlying restoration, not to mention the quality of the film itself.

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