184, 517-518 by Brakhage: An Anthology (Volumes One and Two)

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Re: 184, 517-518 by Brakhage: An Anthology (Volumes One and

#276 Post by senseabove » Thu Nov 30, 2017 4:58 pm

Has anyone seen the Re:Voir Blu of Anticipation yet?

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Re: 184, 517-518 by Brakhage: An Anthology (Volumes One and

#277 Post by hearthesilence » Sat Jan 27, 2018 5:10 pm

Caught some shorts at MoMI today including The Dante Quartet (included on this set) which was projected in 35mm and the Chartres series (sadly BUT understandably not on this set) which I hadn’t seen before and was projected in 16mm. The former came 7 years before the Chartres series and in some ways I feel like the methods used to create it are more refined on the Chartes series (for starters the paint is occasionally dried and cracked on the former whereas on the latter it looks like a more “infused” application). Regardless they both look astonishing and with the latter Brakhage hits on an idea that beautifully plays off the sentiment that the cinema is like a church - what other art form can approach or match the wonder of stained glass art? And it could only have worked in film (and could only be projected through a film print) and not in any other format.

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