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The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

Spine #173

Oct 22, 2002

Number of Discs: 1

  • 1.33:1 Standard
  • English Dolby Digital 1.0 Mono
  • English subtitles

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

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Directed By: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
Starring: Anton Walbrook, Deborah Kerr, Roger Livesey, Roland Culver, Harry Welchman, Arthur Wontner, Albert Lieven, John Laurie, Ursula Jeans, James McKechnie
Licensor: Rank/Carlton

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The passions and pitfalls of a lifetime in the military are dramatized in Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger's magnificent epic, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp. The film follows the exploits of pristine British soldier Clive Candy (Roger Livesey) as he battles to maintain his honor and proud gentlemanly conduct through romance, three wars, and a changing world. Vibrant and controversial, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp is at once a romantic portrait of a career soldier and a pointed investigation into the nature of aging, friendship, and obsolescence. The Criterion Collection is proud to present Powell & Pressburger's masterpiece in all its Technicolor glory.

  • Audio commentary featuring director Michael Powell with Martin Scorsese
  • Carlton International's 24-minute video profile, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
  • A collection of rare behind-the-scenes and production stills
  • A collection of David Low's original Colonel Blimp cartoons


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