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The Blood of a Poet

Spine #67

May 9, 2000

Number of Discs: 1

  • 1.33:1 Standard
  • French Dolby Digital 1.0 Mono
  • English subtitles

The Blood of a Poet

Directed By: Jean Cocteau
Starring: Lee Miller, Enrique Rivero, Jean Desbordes, Féral Benga
Licensor: Studio Canal

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"Poets . . . shed not only the red blood of their hearts but the white blood of their souls," proclaimed Jean Cocteau of his groundbreaking first film-an exploration of the plight of the artist, the power of metaphor and the relationship between art and dreams. One of cinema's great experiments, this first installment of the Orphic Trilogy stretches the medium to its limits in an effort to capture the poet's obsession with the struggle between the forces of life and death. Criterion is proud to present The Blood of a Poet (Le Sang d'un poète).

  • New English subtitle translation
  • A collection of rare behind-the-scenes photos
  • Edgardo Cozarinsky's renowned 66-minute 1984 documentary Cocteau: Autoportrait d'un Inconnu (Autobiography of an Unknown)
  • A transcript of Cocteau's lecture given at a 1932 screening of Blood of a Poet, and a 1946 essay by Cocteau
  • A Cocteau bibliofilmography


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